Michael Plahn UltraIronman

Michael competed as an 11 year old, with his 2 year older brother, in a local 5 km
running race. Michael was eager and sprinted from the start. After 2,5 km he was right behind the leader, but he couldn't catch his breath and decided to just lay down and cry. His older brother came by some minutes later and continued after talking to Michael. Michael went back with his head down, but met a former danish champion in 400 meters who was very impressed and said Michael could do something with his running if he was trained properly.

Michael started running and strength training, when he was about 16 years old. Just a few times a week.

As a 21 year old (in 2004) he got the idea to finish an Ironman. He got in touch with a coach, and started his training. His coach said that it was not important to get many km in training. So his longest run was 18 km and his longest bike was 120 km and it was not a combi training. On the day of the Iron distance race, the swim was shortened due to cold water.Michael was sad that it would not be a real iron distance. He fought his way through with big struggle, due to the little preparation. After that experience, Michael was dissapointed, tired and took a break from triathlon.

In 2007 Michael (24 yrs) started again, he wanted to finish the distance correctly. He choose to train by himself and studied the training of the legends in triathlon -  big inspirations, such as Mark Allen, Dave Scott, Peter Reid, Chrissie Wellington etc. With only 6 months of training he became "National Sprint Champion Overall Age Group" and finished his first IRON distance race Sub10 hours. Michael went back to just running and strength training after that.
In 2008, Michael decided to go for the ultimate distance - The Triple Ironman 2009. 
With Ultratraining, Michael experienced new things about what his body could handle. His training was now also inspired by the legends of the ultrasport, Luis Wildpanner, Emmanuel Conraux, Fabrice Lucas, Yannis Kouros, Scott Jurek etc. It was a new journey, and his body began to feel much stronger, faster and more durable during longer training sessions than ever. He trained for 7 months, and finished the event as number 6 in the world elite.He was the youngest nordic person to ever finish the race and also the 2nd youngest (26 yrs) in the world. Michael retired satiated after that. 
After almost 7 years away from the sport, Michael is now hungry again, and has started a new training for the 2017 season with new goals and partners. 
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